A week in virtualization

Last week, TechTarget has picked our CEO Paul Maritz as one of the top ten cloud computing leaders in 2012. Visit searchcloudcomputing.techtarget.com for the full list of this year’s winners of the title.

A few days ago, we have announced that all the major extensions to the Spring Framework are now compatible with Spring 3.1, the latest version of the popular open source Java development framework.  Spring Integration, Spring Security, Spring Batch, Spring Data, Spring Mobile and Spring for Android all now support Spring 3.1, making it easier and faster for enterprise developers to build the next generation of enterprise applications.

As its popularity among developers grows, average monthly Spring downloads via Maven Central have grown 40% year to date and all community participation metrics for Spring are at the highest levels ever recorded. Last year’s “Spring usage study” shows that

  • Spring is the framework of choice among expert Java developers.
  • Spring developers report productivity and speed of deployment as the top two reasons they use Spring:  70 percent of Spring users report at least a 50 percent productivity gain by using Spring and 73 percent report that Spring allows them to deliver projects twice as fast.
  • More than two thirds of Java developers are either using Spring today or plan to do so within the next two years.
  • More than half of Spring users expect to grow or significantly grow their use of Spring.
  • Spring users are more cloud ready; The Evans Data results show heavy Spring adopters are more likely to have already deployed applications to the cloud
  • More than half of all Spring developers report that they plan to move Java applications to a lightweight server such as Apache Tomcat within one year.

Spring community members are invited to attend the SpringOne On the Road event in Europe in April and May to learn about the newest innovations for the framework. These special developer-focused one-day events will be co-hosted with the Cloud Foundry Open Tour

Speaking of tours, the first events of the VMware Forum 2012 will be happening next month.

If you attend in person, you’ll be able to participate in the hands-on labs and network with more than 1,000 local colleagues and our top partners who’ll be sharing best practice advice.

We also have a VMware Forum online scheduled for April 12th where you can view a live video broadcast with VMware leadership team, chat with experts who’ll answer your questions live, and navigate a 3D show floor staffed by our industry-leading partners.

Visit forum.vmware.com to register for the online event, or go to vmware.com and click on the green and blue box with “VMware Forum 2012” in it for a list of all VMware Forum events around the world.

This Friday, March the 30th at 10am Pacific time we will premiere the fourth episode of the weekly VROOM virtualization performance show on livestream.com/vmwarecommunitytv This week’s episode will focus on NFS.

We have a fifth episode scheduled in the series, dedicated to vMotion, which will air on Friday April 6th. All the episodes are hosted by Todd Muirhead of the Vroom performance blog with a little help from John and me.

There is no need to register, simply go to livestream.com/vmwarecommunitytv at 10am Pacific Daylight Saving Time this Friday. See you there!

In closing, I wanted to mention that the vExpert applications have closed and the judging of the applicants is currently ongoing. We will have the final results announced on April 15th. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for all my awesome vExpert friends who have applied again this year, and for the new friends who are applying for their first time.


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