A week in virtualization

Yesterday, two cool public technology previews have launched: one for VMware Fusion and one for VMware Workstation.

Both the Workstation and the Fusion teams are providing public access to the Technology Previews to gather real-world feedback from users. The Previews do not contain major new features, but they do include significant changes to core virtualization technology. Head on over to vmware.com/go/beta to check them out.

VMware Forum 2012 is hitting the road starting next month and it’s going to visit a number of cities in the Unites States. VMware Forum 2012 is a free, interactive, full-day event where you will learn about transforming IT, so that you can transform your entire business to respond more effectively to markets, competitors and customers. In sessions, you can listen to VMware, industry analysts and IT professionals discuss virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions and learn.

If you attend in person, you’ll be able to participate in the hands-on labs and network with more than 1,000 local colleagues and our top partners who’ll be sharing best practice advice.

We also have a VMware Forum online scheduled for April 12th where you can view a live video broadcast with VMware leadership team, chat with experts who’ll answer your questions live, and navigate a 3D show floor staffed by our industry-leading partners.

Visit forum.vmware.com to register for the online event, or go to vmware.com and click on the green and blue box with “VMware Forum 2012” in it for a list of all VMware Forum events around the world.

This Friday, March the 16th at 10am Pacific time we will premiere the second episode of the weekly VROOM virtualization performance show on livestream.com/vmwarecommunitytv

At this time we have a series of five shows scheduled to air every Friday for four more weeks. They will be hosted by Todd Muirhead of the Vroom performance blog with a little help from me.

The topic this Friday will be “One Million IOPS” and we’ll cover Hadoop, NFS, and VMotion in the future episodes.

Mark your calendars and tell your friends! There is no need to register, simply go to livestream.com/vmwarecommunitytv at 10am Pacific Standard Time this Friday. See you there!

Finally, I wanted to mention that you only have one day left to apply for the vExpert 2012 title. The applications close at midnight Pacific Time tomorrow. We already have close to five hundred applicants, I am sure there are more great folks out there who should throw their hat in.

Also, if you know someone who would make a great vExpert and may just need a little encouragement, invite your brilliant colleague to apply, at vmware.com/go/vexpert2012


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