On Monday, vSphere won the prestigious Infoworld Technology of the Year award, and we are all very excited about that. Infoworld publishes the awards in a series of 25 slides which you can download from their page. Congratulations to the vSphere team!

Last week, VMware has also won in ten out of fourteen categories of the 2012 Virtualization Review Reader’s Choice Awards. We are quite elated over that here in Palo Alto. The categories we won include: Application virtualization, Business continuity, Cloud computing, Desktop virtualization, Mobile, virtualization, and nine others. You can check out the full list and also download the Buyer’s Guide on

Oh YouTube, our partner team has published a funny little animated film about bringing out datacenter and VM management out of the stone age with VMware cloud management tools. It has cute little cave men running around beating on the servers with clubs and stones, and then happily abandoning all that for our solutions.

The It Support Support Guy is still on a roll with the newest installment called “It’s a wonderful job.”

And just yesterday, we have published a new series of videos about the real-world challenges in IT. There are currently two witty videos with cool South-Eastern soundtracks published on the page, and I expect there will be more. A little bit of insider info: both videos were shot on location here at our main office in Palo Alto.

Lastly, John has been quite active on the Google+ front. That’s doubly exciting since yesterday’s switch to personalized search on Google. If you haven’t heard, the personalized search (which you can toggle on and off as you please) will present the search results favouring content from your circles on Plus. This means that if you circle a bunch of VMware people, you will see more of our blogs and social posts in the personalized view. From where I stand, that means that you can see more content from the people you already know and trust, which can be a good thing.

So since yesterday, John has created a new VMware and Virtualization public shared circle. If you would like to be listed in it, you have to go and comment on the post on the VMware Google+ page in which John has announced the new shared circle.