On the vCloud blog today, there’s a post about How the Software Industry Has Benefitted from the Public Cloud. This is the fourth installment in the “Public Cloud Diaries” series in which the vCloud team is sharing the stories of five companies in the software industry and their journey to the public cloud.

The stories cover an IT Management Software Provider for Small to Medium-Sized Companies, a Spinoff Company from Large Corporation Intended to Provide SaaS for the Construction Industry, a Firm that Develops and Deploys Custom Enterprise Software for Multinational Organizations, a Well-Known Consumer and Enterprise Software Company, and a Young Gaming Company that Creates Social and Gambling Games.

Each story includes an analysis of the customer’s needs and the solution, as well as return on investment, in some cases, as high as 50 percent. Go check it out at

ZDnet has published an article about LG promising to offer VMware virtualization on smartphones in the coming months. The author, Andrew Nusca, sees this as the first offensive move in the “bring-your-own-device wars.” According to the article, this will happen in Europe, on the Telefonica mobile network.

VMware’s Horizon Mobile solution will allow you to have two separate identities on your Android smartphone, allowing your corporate IT to control and provision services to your work identity, while your personal profile will remain your own.

As you can imagine, this is a very attractive proposition not just to corporate IT, but also to the end users, and I am personally excited about it. To tell you the truth, I can’t wait to have Horizon Mobile on my phone.

Finally, on YouTube, the vCloud Director team has published a 45-minute presentation covering everything that’s new in vCloud Director 1.5. You will find this informative video at – just click on the vCloud Director playlist on the right.