As of last Wednesday, VMware Fusion 4.1.1 is available for download or via “Check for updates” inside the application itself. The Fusion Team blog links to a useful KB article that Snow Leopard and Leopard users should consult before upgrading. Read more on

Our Fusion team is also driving a three-day cyber-Monday sale and offering Fusion at a 30% discount. The offer is valid until midnight Pacific time today, so go get the special offer link off

Today is the last day of the three-day cyber-Monday sale on VMware Workstation 8. Until midnight Pacific time today, you can snag your own copy of Workstation at 30% off. With VMware Workstation you can move to the internal cloud, build and test your VMs locally, then drag and drop them to vSphere when you’re ready. Share VMs with your team by running Workstation as a server, connect to vSphere and vCenter to access remote VMs, and more! Go to for the special offer link.

vSphere team has shared on their blog that Dell’s Multipath Extension Module for EqualLogic now supports vSphere 5. Any ESXi host with the DELL MEM installed will now have an additional Path Selection Policy. VMware ships ESXi with 3 default PSPs, and the DELL MEM makes up the fourth one. Read more about how to use it on

For more news, announcements, as well as handy tips and tricks, head on over to

Additionally, you can check out for official news and announcements from our company.

On Twitter, our Academic team has created a few new accounts, to make it easier for everyone to follow all the different things they do in addition to Flings. The Flings now have a separate account, called @vmwflings, and just yesterday they announced a new fling there, called ESX System Organizer, a tool designed to plan a migration from ESX to ESXi.

Labs now live under @vmwlabs, and their most recent tweet is about a Tech Talk on tools for detecting and diagnosing system problems, with a link to a video.

You can of course still follow @vmwacademic for the news from our academic program and @vmwstudentcloud for Student Cloud tweets. If you have never heard of the Student Cloud, it is an application that makes cloud computing easy for colleges, universities, and other schools. It is an easy infrastructure-as-a-service solution for education.

On Facebook, the vCloud team has shared a link to a helpful new blog post by VMware's Massimo Re Ferre, featuring guiding principles on how to engineer custom portals and backend integrations for VMware Service Providers that are adopting vCloud Director. Visit to find that link.

VMware View team is asking for user feedback about vCenter Operations for View on their Facebook page. Tell then what matters to you at

We have five webcasts scheduled, one about  Network Design and Security for View, another about vFabric SQLFire, and two intros to VMware View 5 in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as one about Security Enhancements for Agencies’ Virtualized Environments. Go to to read more about them and to register.

The following VMUGs are going to be meeting over the next week: Sydney, Scotland, Orlando, Charlotte, Toronto, Edmonton, and Melbourne.

There will also be a full-day user summit in Brisbane on December 5th, and a full-day user conference in Kansas City on December 6th, which will feature our inimitable host John Troyer. Also the Dutch VMUG is having their full-day conference on the 9th. In case you don’t know what full-day user conferences are, they’re like mini-VMworlds, really, with a full schedule of talks and interesting speakers, as well as opportunities to network and mingle.