Top 5 Planet V12N blog posts for week 40

Mike Laverick – Failback with SRM and vSphere Replication – As you might know SRM 5.0 introduces support for “vSphere Replication” (VR) – where virtual appliances are deployed to assist in the replication of VMs from the Protected Site to the Recovery Site. What you might not know – is whilst this works perfectly for recoveries where the VM moves from one site (say SiteA: New York) to another (say SiteB: New Jersey) – there is no automated method of failback. That is to say, moving the VM back from the Recovery Site (SiteB: New Jersey) to Protected Site (SiteA: New York).

Duncan Epping – vSphere 5.0 HA and metro / stretched cluster solutions – I had a discussion via email about metro clusters and HA last week and it made me realize that HA’s new architecture (as part of vSphere 5.0) might be confusing to some. I started re-reading the article which I wrote a while back about HA and metro / stretched cluster configurations and most actually still applies.

Jason Boche – SRM 5.0 Replication Bits and Bytes – VMware has pushed out several releases and features in the past several weeks.  It can be a lot to digest, particularly if you’ve been involved in the beta programs for these new products because there were some changes made when the bits made their GA debut. One of those new products is SRM 5.0.  I’ve been working a lot with this product lately and I thought it would be helpful to share some of the information I’ve collected along the way.

Gregg Robertson – Upgrading from vSphere 4.1 to vSphere 5 – Yep the time has yet again come round that the bi yearly mass upgrade of all of my VMware environments needs upgrading to the latest version. Thankfully this upgrade process hasn’t been too difficult but seeing as so many people said they found my posting all about the upgrading of my environments from 4 to 4.1 helpful I thought I’d keep the idea going and do one for my upgrading to 5 and give people some hints on things that slowed me down and things to plan for before doing the upgrade

Simon Seagrave – Virtualizing Oracle – Debunking the Myths – There appears be a number of popular misconceptions around the feasibility of virtualizing Oracle.  I’ve spent the past week at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 and from talking with attendees there seems to be a resistance by some in running Oracle virtualized due to perceived performance, increased cost and support implications.


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