Now that VMworld 2011 Las Vegas is behind us, we can now start ramping up for VMworld 2011 Copenhagen.  I know Frank Denneman is anxiously awaiting the event!  Here are the top 5 posts for the week, enjoy…


Andre Leibovici – The Right Hardware for a 10K VDI solution – I have been involved in many VDI designs over the past years, and recently I have been involved in a design and architecture for a 10,000 user VDI solution. I thought it would be interesting to share here the considerations and decisions that goes behind hardware definition for such a large project.  So, first let’s review the requirements, constraints and assumptions that must be followed during the design.

Chris Wahl – NUMA Woes – Battling High CPU %RDY on vSphere 4 – I recently starting seeing a number of alerts on one of my clusters that many VMs were getting a high %RDY for CPU. I thought this weird, as the vSphere hosts are beefy sized HP DL580 G7s loaded with 4 sockets of Intel x7542 processors and there aren’t many VMs running. Typical CPU usage was under 20% per host. How could the VMs be contending for CPU resources in this situation?

William Lam – How to Install VMware VSA in Nested ESXi 5 Host Using the GUI – We upgraded the ghettoDatacenter to vSphere 5 this weekend and one of the things I wanted to play with was the new VMware VSA (vSphere Storage Appliance). Since we only have a single host, running nested ESXi would be our only option and this would allow us to easily deploy three vESXi 5.0 hosts and vCenter to tinker with the new VMware VSA.

Duncan Epping – Multiple-NIC vMotion in vSphere 5… – How do you setup multi-NIC vMotion? I had this question 3 times in the past couple of days during workshops so I figured it was worth explaining how to do this. It is fairly straight forward to be honest and it is more or less similar to how you would setup iSCSI with multiple vmknic’s. More or less as there is one distinct difference.

Greg Mulholland – How vSphere 5 Challenges Storage Design – vSphere 5 revealed around 150 new features many of which are still to be understood. The new storage features however, got plenty of publicity. Storage DRS or SDRS, Profile Driven Storage and VASA, Datastore Clustering , VMFS5, additional VAAI capability and Storage IO Control improvements were the main ones.