ESXi Quiz Show (#VSP1956) at VMworld, be there!

By now hopefully all of you who will be attending VMworld have heard about this unique event…. The ESXi Quiz Show (#VSP1956). The ESXi Quiz Show is on Monday at 13:00 and will be hosted by no one less then our own Quiz Master John Troyer.  But that is not the exciting part of this show… the exciting part is the line up:

vExpert Team – The Raging vBulls

  • Chad “Warrior-Monk” Sakac
  • Jason “vTerminator” Boche
  • Maish “vBeliever” Saidel-Keesing
  • Eric “Link Master” Siebert

vExpert Team – vPredators

  • Vaughn “Sgt NFS” Stewart
  • Tom “VDI Warrior” Howarth
  • Mike “Axel” Foley
  • Scott “VMGuru” Herold

VMware Team – vRaminators

  • Frank “distributed” Denneman
  • John “VCDX 001″ Arrasjid
  • Kit “VC Ops” Colbert
  • Massimo “Hybrid Cloud” Re Ferre

In the first round The Raging vBulls will take on the vPredators. The team that wins will take on VMware's own team of virtualization/cloud experts… the mighty vRaminators! Who will take home that Championship Trophy? I know you don't want to miss out on this, sign up today and be sure to witness the vBattle of the century!

Death to powerpoint, hail the quiz master!


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