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My world has been consumed by the VMwold, so let me run down a list of all the things you should check out. First, there is the Schedule Builder, which you should use if you are planning to attend any of the sessions you actually like, instead of what’s left over. However, we will have many of the popular sessions running multiple times to ensure everyone who’s interested gets a chance to participate. Simply go to and click on Las Vegas conference link, then look in the left nav for the schedule builder link.

Then there’s your chance to be part of the General Session video. If you submit a short video in which you say things like “My cloud” and “VMware” and stuff, your video can make it into the big mashup the VMworld folks are making for the General Session. Be creative, and funny, and we’ll all see you on the big screen! Go to the conference page, select either Las Vegas or Copenhagen, and you will see the link to the details for this on the left.

Oh, and as of yesterday, I am registered to go to the show, and that is kinda cool. It’s one thing to know you’re going, and it’s a whole different thing to have the confirmation email in your inbox.

On Facebook, the VMware vCloud team shared a bunch of cool links to studies and blog posts you should check out. Among them, a post from Train Signal listing top resources to learn about vCloud Director. You will find all the links at

The VMware for Healthcare IT has been sharing their sessions at VMworld as well as a case study from MidMichigan Health. You can find that at

Let’s have a look at the upcoming events in the world of virtualization.

We have nine cool webinars coming up soon, in which you can learn how to move from legacy applications to cloud, an intro to vSphere 5, email and collaboration with Zimbra in Spanish; and a couple of vCenter talks. Head on over to and check them out.

The VMware Forum is making a stop in Colombia this month, on the 28th of August, then continues on in September to Argentina on the 7th, Ontario on the 14th, and Peru on the 20th of September. To find more details and to register, go to and click on the gray box down on the bottom left, which says “VMware Forum 2011.”

From our community of users, there’s a few cool things coming up too.

The following VMUGs are meeting over the next seven days: Northwest Arizona, Brisbane, New Mexico, and Cincinnati. You can find all the details and registration links at by clicking on “Events.”