A week in virtualization

I’ll start with the old-ish news first: As you know by now, there is the VMwolrd Schedule Builder, so go there and register for the sessions you want to attend. It is in the Las Vegas conference section on vmworld.com, in the left nav.

John and I have been working on finalizing the plans for community events at the show, and it’s coming together nicely. Now you can book your vMeetup sessions using a handy little form linked off the vmworld.com blog. The vMeetups are 30-minute long informal talks that can be held in the Community Lounge. We want to give as many people as possible an opportunity to give a talk in the Lounge.

Anyone can request a time slot, and the rules for selection are fairly simple: one slot per entity per day, some relevance to the show and VMware in general, and keep it clean y’all. John and I have the final authority in selecting topics, but of course you can plead and possibly bribe us. I would have a hard time kicking out a talk about cars, even if it had nothing to do with cloud technology.

Then we’ll also have a Video Podcasting Station available for community members (that is YOU) to run your own show from the Lounge and to stream it live on VMworld TV. We will have a scheduling form available for that too, once we have figured out the logistics. The rules are the same as vMeetups, and again, John and I reserve the right to allow or disallow any topic suggested.

The two of us will be quite busy at the show, running at least one and some days two or more hours of live streaming programming from that same station and also from other events, like maybe the game show (fingers crossed). No promises on anything at this point, but if you are not going to be in Las Vegas physically, you will definitely get plenty of video to get your VMworld fix every day of the show.

On Facebook, the VMware vCloud team shared a link to our humble podcast, the episode where we talked about vSphere 5. We are famous! The vCloud folks frequently share cool links and videos, and you can find them on facebook.com/vmwarevcloud

Now, let’s have a look at the upcoming events in the world of virtualization.

We have nine cool webinars coming up, again. A lot of talks about the new technology in vSphere 5, also some Zimbra talks in Spanish and Portuguese. Head on over to webcasts.vmware.com and check them out.

The VMware Forum is making a stop in Colombia this month, on the 28th of August, then continues on in September to Argentina on the 7th, Ontario on the 14th, and Peru on the 20th of September. To find more details and to register, go to vmware.com and click on the gray box down on the bottom left, which says “VMware Forum 2011.”

From our community of users, there’s a few cool things coming up too.

The following VMUGs are meeting over the next seven days: Brisbane, New Mexico, Cincinnati, Myrtle Beach, Baton Rouge, Ireland, and Western Pennsylvania. You can find all the details and registration links at myvmug.org by clicking on “Events.”



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