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The first batch of vExpert 2011 designations have been sent out. A small second batch of designations and decline notices will be sent out within the next few days.

Congrats to all the vExpert 2011 designees, and sorry to make a few of you wait. The quality of the candidates and their work were extremely high this year. In some areas, such as VMUG qualifications, we raised the bar substantially to require more sustained year-long activity. 

I'll update this post when the final mailings go out. All non-employee notifications have been sent out.

This year, VMware employees are eligible to be designated as vExperts. However, they were omitted from this initial judging pool to ensure fairness. We'll announce employee vExperts shortly.

I'd like to thank the judging committee for their contributions and for the seriousness in which they took their work.

Thanks to everybody who submitted applications for all your hard work, whether you were designated a vExpert or not. In many cases, the judging was very difficult, and I'm sure went the wrong way a few times. 

Finally, while I do appreciate all the warm thanks and messages from the vExpert designees, I'd like to point out that you guys are doing all the work, spending your nights and weekends on writing and organizing and coding when you could be doing something else. I just get to hand out the awards, which is the fun part.

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