Another acquisition was announced this week, VMware has picked up the company Shavlik and plans to continue to utilize their technology in the SMB space. 

An even bigger announcement was the official product launch of VMware Horizon App Manager!  I have been waiting for this guy to be released to the public because it will be a game changer as corporations continue to struggle with managing SaaS based applications in the enterprise.  Horizon App Manager will allow corporations to integrate their existing AD credentials into a single sign on service that will not only integrate with SaaS apps, but also enable provisioning and (more importantly) de-provisioning of SaaS based applications.  Very cool stuff!

Vaughn Stewart – New vSphere 4.1 Report: Measuring SAN & NAS Performance – NetApp and VMware performance engineering have completed a new storage performance technical report, TR-3916. This new report provides the relative I/O performance available from SAN and NAS storage protocols with vSphere 4.1 and a NetApp FAS array.

Andre Leibovici – PCoIP Recommended Practices for Networking Devices – Display protocols for VDI are still very much a subject to be discussed, and in most environments tuned. The out-of-the-box setting from ANY of vendor will work for many situations; however every environment presents different challenges, making optimization a must.

Gabrie van Zanten – Migrating distributed vSwitch to new vCenter – Customer called me to ask how they could easily migrate their existing vCenter to a new vCenter including all distributed vSwitches. They were moving from vCenter 4.0 to vCenter 4.1 and at the same time creating an AD intergrated vCenter and moving from physical to a virtual vCenter. The upgrade path would be a difficult road and they decided to just perform a fresh vCenter install.

David Davis – VIDEO: VMware App Manager Announced in Interview by Scoble (aka Proejct Horizon) – Today, VMware’s Project Horizon has officially been renamed to VMware App Manager and it has been released! All of this was made public on VMware’s website in their App Manager press release and in this excellent interview by Robert Scoble of In the interview, Scoble interviews VMware’s Noah Wasmer, Director of Product Management and Advanced Development.

Andy Grant – vMA + Splunk = Syslog Awesomeness – Managing syslog messages in nearly any size of environment can be daunting.  Aside from the effort configuring every client to send syslog messages to your target server, searching for relevant data can be just as challenging.  There are many articles online on how to use VMware’s vSphere Management Assistant for collecting your ESX/i host syslog messages and naturally, after reading such an article the first thing I did was to jump into my lab and setup vilogger.