A short note on vExpert awards, which are not coming out today

Just a quick note on the vExpert Program Notifications. Originally I had given us two weeks to go through all 1000-odd nominations and applications. This was too aggressive given travel and other commitments. I'm resetting the clock on this for another two weeks to make sure we don't leave anybody out. Sorry for any inconvenience or upset stomachs. Again, I'm completely blown away and humbled by your efforts and accomplishments. Leaving the specifics of VMware's situation aside, I can't think of another industry where people are so eager to teach and help each other out than our own IT industry. I know we talk a lot about "journeys" and New Ways To Work and 10-year paradigm shifts in how IT departments will be run; but given what I'm reading in these vExpert applications, I am very optimistic that we will all get wherever we're going just fine.

So that you don't walk away empty handed this weekend, I'd like to leave you with a few words of wisdom from the Most Interesting Man in the World.


Stay virtual, my friends.


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