Every Wednesday, we gather online for an hour to talk virtualization and record a VMware Community Roundtable Podcast. We've been using TalkShoe for years, and although we might move to a new platform in the future, for now you can still check out all 132 of our past VMware Community Roundtable Podcasts on TalkShoe

New this week: a new VMware Community Group on Virtualization Podcasts to get informed about new episodes of the Community Roundtable and other podcasts from members of the VMware community. If you like listening to podcasts, you have plenty of podcasts to pick from these days. Stay tuned for a podcast directory and more at this new site!

This week, our topic for podcast #132 was VMware Go Pro and vSphere for SMB. I think VMware Go is an interesting service, although most of the people attending the live podcast hadn't used it yet. Just the patching feature alone makes it great. For a VAR working with a small business, being able to set up patching, software and hardware asset tracking, and a help desk seems really interesting. Along with vSphere Essentials and Acceleration Kits, we even got into ROBO a little bit, although that will be the topic of an upcoming podcast. You can listen to the podcast via the widget to the right or the mp3 file, and you can subscribe to the podcast via the RSS feed or via iTunes.

We do need to make one correction: when upgrading from a vSphere Essentials kit (which comes with vCenter Server Foundation) to another level of product (that comes with vCenter Server Standard), no vCenter Server reinstall is necessary. Just upgrade your license key and you are good to go.

Show Notes