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Top 5 Planet V12N blog posts for week 10

I have added more feeds to the V12N blog aggregator, so there is even more great content coming in now.  If you feel there is a blog site that should be part of the Planet V12N please let me know.  We want to make sure we are getting as much quality content as possible showing up for everyone.

This week we had some major announcements with vCenter Operations being launched, an acquisition announced of Wavemaker (Spring), and who could possibly have missed the VMware View iPad client?  Don’t forget, VMworld 2011 call for papers was announced, get those submissions in!  Have a great weekend!

Eric Sloof – vCenter Operations – Your Future Performance Dashboard – VMware has released a great new product which is able to diagnose and analyse vSphere performance metrics. vCenter Operations Standard is for vCenter administrators who want to better understand the performance of their virtual infrastructure, and to diagnose and correct performance problems easily and quickly.

Jason Boche – VMware View Client for iPad Released – There’s an old saying which goes “The best things in life are free”.  Even better are those things which will forever remain free.  Such is the case with the new VMware View Client for iPad, announced and made available this morning!  By the time you read this, the bits will already be available for download in the Apple App Store. 

Chad Sakac – Performance = art not science (with DelayedAck 10GbE example) – I’ve always found that resolving performance issues is more about the HOW than the WHAT.   In other words, it’s not like there is a list of “secret switches” that simply make things scream (ergo: “just enable jumbo frames and it will solve all your problems” or “do/don’t use thin, it will be good/bad”).  

Duncan Epping – Thin provisioned disks and VMFS fragmentation, do I really need to worry? – I’ve seen this myth floating around from time to time and as I never publicly wrote about it I figured it was time to write an article to debunk this myth. The question that is often posed is if thin disks will hurt performance due to fragmentation of the blocks allocated on the VMFS volume. I guess we need to rehash (do a search on VMFS for more info)  some basics first around Think Disks and VMFS volume…

Stephen Beaver – The See-Saw Effect: To Scale-up or Scale-out – They say history tends to repeat itself, I am going to take that statement in another direction and apply that towards technology.  Virtualization Technology Practices and Tendencies tend to flip flop over time. That in itself is a pretty general statement but I saw this video on YouTube “16 Core Processor: Upgrade from AMD Opteron 6100 Series to Upcoming “Interlagos”” and this really got me thinking about one of the very first questions presented to the Virtualization Architects when planning and designing a new deployment, for as long as I have been working with virtualization technology.  To scale up or scale out, that is the question and philosophy that has flip flopped back and forth as the technology itself has improved and functionality increased.