Lot’s of great posts this week, with PEX going on in Orlando, announcements about VCloud connector, Zimbra 7, SUSE Enterprise support opening up, it was difficult to pick only 5.

Jason Nash – Enabling Jumbo Frames on the Cisco Nexus 1000v – This isn’t a complicated topic, but it’s something I’ve been asked a few times and thought it would be worthy of a quick post to help others out there Googling for an answer.  I won’t get in to the pros and cons of jumbo frames in a vSphere environment as others already have here.  This is merely to show you how to enable large MTUs on the 1000v, that can sometimes do things different than other Cisco switches.

Vladan Seget – Zimbra 7.0 is out – VMware Zimbra 7 features new data sharing capabilities, expanded calendaring and search functionality, and upgraded management features for both IT and end-users. With this update, Zimbra is further optimized for both the casual and power-user, establishing a platform for a next-generation workspace within the VMware End-User Computing vision.

Massimo Re Ferre – My Cloud Consumer Experience – Episode 4: Managing Workloads with vCloud Connector – I am very excited about this episode. Today we are announcing a new technology called VMware vCloud Connector and this is going to be the core of this episode. But before you read on I urge you to read this other post of mine that went live together with this and that explains, in more details, what we are trying to do with vCloud Connector and the strategy behind it. This post you are reading is going to be more “show and tell” (that’s the idea about these series of episodes). If you want the proper context regarding what vCloud Connector really is then I strongly recommend that you read the blog post I linked above.

Barry Coombs – Learning Powershell – When installing and managing virtual infrastructures there are lots of repetitive tasks, when repetitive tasks are involved there is always the chance for mistakes. Mid last year I was working on sets of standards for installing and managing virtual infrastructures and it seemed the obvious progression to be able to automate some of these processes. This allowed me to help set standards and use time in a more intelligent manner.

John Liang – VMware vCloud Director 1.0 Performance and Best Practices — Paper Published – Do you want to know how many VMware vCloud Director server instances are needed for your deployment? Do you know how to load balance the VC Listener across multiple vCloud Director instances? Are you curious about how OVF File Upload behaves on a WAN environment? What is the most efficient way to import LDAP users? This white paper, VMware vCloud Director 1.0 Performance and Best Practices, provides insight  to help you answer all the above questions.