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How to manage your Community email notifications

If you are a registered VMTN user, you will have noticed a change in the email notifications you receive since the upgrade to the new platform. They look a little different, and there are new notifications.

For example, there's the "Updates" email that looks somewhat like this:

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 3.06.46 PM
This email notification contains a summary of updates that could be of interest to you, such as how many replies and views your content has received.

There is also a section listing updates made by the people you are following on VMTN.

You decide how often or if at all you would like to receive this message, as well as any other email notification sent by our community mailer.

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 3.07.50 PM
At the bottom of the update email, you will find a link to your email preferences page. You will need to log in with your usual community credentials to get there.

This is what my email preferences page looks like:

Screen shot 2011-01-06 at 3.08.45 PM
As you see, I have chosen to auto-subscribe to some of my content, such as documents and discussions, and not others, such as blog posts and bookmarks.

At the very bottom, I have selected the frequency of my community Updates. I like to receive mine twice a week. But you can also opt for daily or weekly delivery, or cancel that email altogether by selecting "never."


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