Today, we have rolled out a major upgrade to the VMTN community platform. The new platform has a number of improvements to existing functionality and adds some new features which can help us all share and find content easier. Here is a short list of highlights, but there is much more to discover.

  • We have now incorporated social media as part of our community. The new layout has tabs for Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube at the top of the page, to present a unified picture of all the goings on in our community.
  • Social capabilities: follow people, tags, communities, groups, and social bookmarking
  • Groups: with the new release, each user will be able to create private or public groups
  • Your view: your personal homepage, which can serve as your Communities dashboard, where the feeds from all the people and content you follow can be aggregated
  • More widgets, better rich text editor support, and better support for Microsoft document formats.
  • Private Discussions and Documents: People can now create private discussions and documents, with full control over who will be able to see and edit your content.
  • Activity updates: Users can subscribe to receive a digest email that summarizes activity of interest, such as who commented on your content, whether there are any unanswered questions in a given community, etc.
  • You can read full 4.0 documentation and release notes on the Jive site.

We have created two short video demonstrations of what the new platform allows you to do, and more are in the works.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the new platform.