Top 5 Planet V12n blog posts week 50

John Troyer asked me to help out with the PlanetV12n weekly Top 5 blog posts since Duncan has been quite busy with the new release of his HA and DRS Deepdive book (along with Frank Denneman).  I will probably be updating the Top 5 on Friday’s vs Sunday’s but we will see how that plays out with the scheduling.  Anyways let’s get this kicked off again!

  • Todd Muirhead – Oracle RAC Performance on vSphere 4.1  – Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) is used to run critical databases with stringent performance requirements. A series of tests recently were run in the VMware performance lab to determine how an Oracle RAC database performs when running on vSphere. The test results showed that the application performed within 11 to 13 percent of physical when running in a virtualized environment.
  • Frank Denneman – Impact of oversized virtual machines part 1  – Recently we had an internal discussion about the overhead an oversized virtual machine generates on the virtual infrastructure. An oversized virtual machine is a virtual machine that consistently uses less capacity than its configured capacity. Many organizations follow vendor recommendations and/or provision virtual machine sized according to the wishes of the customer i.e. more resources equals better performance. By oversizing the virtual machine you can introduce the following overhead or even worse decrease the performance of the virtual machine or other virtual machines inside the cluster.
  • Vladan Seget – vSphere Advanced Troubleshooting by Eric Sloof – Eric Sloof is not only great blogger and trainer, but he also shares his work with everybody. I had an occasion to meet with Eric in VMworld Copenhagen 201 this year and I saw a guy who is does his job with passion. His latest presentation at the Dutch VMUG yesterday where 750 people attended, is available Online on Slideshare and I embedded it to my blogpost. Eric also provides a PDF of those 50 Slides
  • Chad Sakac – Understanding vSphere Disaster Recovery/Avoidance options Part I – Interest from customers on EMC VPLEX is very, very hot, and that’s keeping us very, very busy.   Interest highlights that the core idea of active/active geographically dispersed transactional storage (“access anywhere”) is something people gravitate towards as they dream their next “active/active” virtualized datacenter dream.  The most common use case I see (admittedly, this will be biased towards things my team and I support) are stretched vSphere clusters.
  • Richard Garsthagen – Mobile Management – The possibilities – As the xmas holiday is coming, some lucky ones might find an iPad under the tree, but most of us will hopefully be spending some nice time at home. But what if stuff goes wrong at work, while you are at a nice xmas dinner? Do you need to pull out your laptop or drive to the office.. or can you cope with some of the available mobile management solutions that are available today?  Here at run-virtual HQ we tested out for you the possible options.


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