Top 5 Planet V12n bloggers 2009

This is without a doubt the most difficult top 5 ever. There were so many great article in 2009 that it is impossible to call out 5 specific articles This article will have a different approach than you are used of the top 5 series so far. I will list 5 bloggers which have contributed to the community in a unique way. Unique can be by the amount of in-depth details that each post contains but also for instance unique scripts that are published.

Please keep in mind that this is my personal opinion and does not reflect popularity of the blogs in anyway. Here we go:

  • Chad Sakac – There are way too many excellent articles to mention each of them specifically. Two of the top articles were co-authored, but almost every article Chad writes contains a huge amount of in-depth info. His insights on especially storage related topics are invaluable.
  • Ken Cline – Although there has not been much activity on Ken's blog lately his series on networking in a virtual environment were real eye openers for many. (Start blogging regularly Ken!) Ken started many discussions in the blogosphere/community and wrote must read articles for everyone implementing or designing virtual infrastructures. Part 7 of "The Great vSwitch Debate" contains links to number 1 – 6 so I will not link these explicitly:
  • Hany Michael – If there is anyone who managed to create unique articles then it is Hany. His diagrams are insane. The details that he puts into every single diagram are just unseen. The following were my favorite, and let's hope Hany keeps up posting these excellent diagrams:
  • Alan Renouf – The king of PowerCLI. Those are the only words I usually need to describe Alan. I don't know a single person who has created so many valuable VMware PowerCLI scripts. The crown on his work is most definitely the VESI & Powergui Powerpack. The vCheck is most likely one of the most used PowerCLI scripts written so far, which does exactly what it is named "Check" your virtual environment.
  • Eric Siebert – Eric's Launchpad on vSphere-land.com is the homepage for many. But that's not the only reason why Eric made this list. His link lists and the articles Eric publishes on TechTarget are always top of the bill. Besides blogging, linking and tweeting he also manages to write books. Eric must have days of 28hrs.

I could go on for ever I guess but that would make it a top 1000. Some of the usual suspects are missing like Scott Lowe, Jason Boche, Gabe, Steve Kaplan, Mike Laverick, Steve Chambers, Eric Sloof, Vaughn Stewart and again I can go on forever but I won't. This is it, I needed to pick five people and these are my personal top 5 for 2009.

I want to thank every blogger out there for making 2009 amazing. The amount of info, tips, tricks, scripts, knowledge and expertise shared is something you don't often see in other communities. I love the VMware Community, I really do. Thanks,


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