Today, VMware announced the
general availability of VMware Go™
a free web-based service that lets users set up a virtual machine
environment with just a few mouse clicks. We at VMware are very excited
about this release, which directly addresses the skill barrier for
starting down the virtualization path, especially for small businesses
who may have limited IT resources. VMware Go guides users through the
installation and configuration of the industry-leading hypervisor,
VMware ESXi, and then enables them to set up and manage virtual
machines running server application workloads. Since our public Beta of
VMware Go was released in Sept, 2009, we’ve had over 1,000 users
successfully set up an ESXi server and a total of 3,000+ VMs running on
those servers.

How it works —Virtualization in Three Simple Steps:

  1. Initial ESXi server setup
    • Unique web-browser interface and intuitive wizard guides and accelerates installation and setup process
    • Built in hardware compatibility check automates the process of selecting physical server environments
  2. Virtual machine creation
    • Leverage existing
      physical server configuration, install a prebuilt virtual appliance, or
      start with a new clean virtual machine.
  3. Manage ESXi servers and virtual machines

    • Centralized management interface simplifies changes to a virtual environment.
    • Monitor virtual machines for basic performance and resource utilization.
    • Scan and update virtual machines from a central console.

Useful links for more information:

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VMware Go

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ESXi and VMware Go

For more technical information of VMware Go, see the

VMware Go FAQ

Video demo of VMware Go in action.

Posted by Joe Andrews, Group Manager, Product Marketing