The week after VMworld is probably even more chaotic than VMworld itself. Not only are you digesting all the new ideas/concepts/thoughts you brought home from VMworld you will also need to pick up all the presents(work) they left waiting for you. On PlanetV12n it was also a busy week. Some cool, really cool, write-ups of VMworld and some great non-VMworld related articles. Although it's a top 5 The first two have two entries each. Mainly because my post and Massimo's post are related. Here we go:

  • Massimo Re Ferre' – VMware, SpringSource and What's Not Appropriate to SayThe (Potential) Value of Blogging for Your Career
    When I heard about VMware and SpringSource, all of a sudden I realized
    the world is changing for all of us virtualization geeks. First and
    foremost those that have only been bothering about low level
    infrastructure virtualization details – such as VMotion
    compatibilities, cluster configurations, storage integrations and so
    forth – will have a hard time keeping up with what's going on in the
    industry. Virtualization vendors are "moving up the stack" very quickly
    so you'd better start familiarizing with concepts and technologies
    around Development Frameworks, Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
    and stuff like that. Not the sort of things Systems Engineers (aka
    infrastructure people) paid too much attention to – until now.
  • Duncan Epping – Another year has passed by & VMworld 2009 Linkage
    I can’t remember I ever had so many people congratulating me with my
    birthday. (Okay it was on twitter but still…) Usually with my birthday
    coming up I take some time to look back at the past year.
    Coincidentally a couple of weeks ago John Troyer asked me to do a
    presentation at VMworld about blogging and where it can lead to.
    Because of my overbooked agenda (VMworld preperations, VCDX Panels and
    two projects) I did not have any time to prepare it but it is something
    that kept me busy the last week. Especially after seeing Jason Boche’s
    presentation at the vExpert Session at VMworld I started thinking about
    it again. I had some time on my hands, as I took the day off on my
    birthday, and decided to look back and try to convince you why voicing
    your opinion/views and sharing knowledge is important for your personal
    development and career.
  • Joshua Townsend – ESXTOP Batch Mode & Windows Perfmon
    I needed to grab some stats from my ESX hosts for off-line analysis so I fired up my trusty ESXTOP intent on using batch mode to capture a .csv formatted output. I started to manually select the counters I was interested in while working in ESXTOP interactive mode (you can save your selected counters to the esxtop configuration file with the ‘w’ command) and thought that there must be a better way. I found that better way in the VMware Performance Community: There is now a -a switch that can be used to include ALL performance counters. I’m sold.
  • Alan Renouf – vTip – A VMware Expert updating your VI
    Jason Boche has recently announced his vCalendar which is a great daily calendar with tip for each day, there is also a blog widget and netvibes or Google widget for this too, so my script takes these wonderful daily tips and adds them to a place we all visit on a daily basis…. The Virtual Infrastructure Client.
  • Gabrie van Zanten – I had a dream…
    VMware is still the most innovative company in the field of
    virtualization and is still that step ahead of its competitors.
    Therefore VMware remains the number one choice for the most demanding
    workloads. Demanding not necessarily in performance, but mainly in
    security, availability and flexibility.