What a week and where do I even begin. For those who have been living under a rock just one word: VMworld. I have met so many people who I have been talking to for a while, and also a lot of people who just came up to me and complimented me on or just wanted to introduce themselves. Thanks everyone for making this an excellent week. Making a top 5 is almost impossible though. The amount of blogs(250+) added over the last 7 days is so insane that I almost had to randomly pick 5. But of course I did not pick them randomly. Here they are, surprisingly most of them have to do with VMworld:

  • Rich Brambley – VMworld 2009 Virtual Infrastructure Design – Lab Manager vPODS Enable Conference Cloud
    If you are like me you probably would have loved to get the opportunity to use the vSphere client to connect to a vCenter server managing that entire virtual infrastructure (VI). Although I did not get to do just that, I did get the opportunity to do the next best thing – talk to the manager of the team that does. My VMworld ended by talking to Randy Keener, Group Manager of VMware’s GETO team (Global Engineering Technical Operations). Keener explained to me some of the VMworld 2009 virtual infrastructure design details that VI administrators would be interested to know.
  • Rick Scherer – My VMware VCDX Defense Experience
    While most of my readers were already home with their families, or packing up and checking out of their hotel rooms on the way to the airport, I was getting ready for probably the most important 2 hours of my technical career.
    So here we are, Friday at 7:15am – a few minutes to grab some food and collect my nerves before I enter room Foothill D at the SF Marriott. To my luck, I enter the lobby of the Mission Steak restaurant and guess who’s there….the entire VMware Certification team, including panel members for my VCDX. There goes collecting my nerves.
  • Justin Emmerson – VMworld session DV2363 – CVP Tech Deep Dive
    In Direct Assignment, technologies like Intel VT-D or other software
    techniques are used to pass through a physical device (such as a video
    card) directly into the VM. This has some advantages such as lower
    overhead, and if you’re running Windows in your VM then all you need is
    a set of Windows drivers, which are easy to find. Passthrough is also
    much easier to program…
  • Joep Piscaer – VMworld ‘09 – Long Distance VMotion (TA3105)
    The main challenge to get VMotion working between datacenters isn’t
    with the VMotion technology itself, but with the adaptations to shared
    storage and networking. Because a virtual machine being VMotioned
    cannot have it’s IP address changed, some challenges exist with the
    network spanning across datacenters. You’ll need stretched VLAN’s, a
    flat network with same subnet and broadcast domain at both locations.
  • Scott Lowe – VMware vCloud Event with Paul Maritz
    Moving away from choice to application compatibility, Paul Maritz again
    refers to the formal announcement of the vCloud API. The vCloud API is
    actually a series of APIs that are being/have been submitted to
    standards organizations (as I mentioned in the keynote coverage, I
    believe it was submitted to the DMTF). SpringSource takes the stage to
    talk about what they do and then perform a demo (a live demo?) of their
    products and technologies. The demo shows off SpringSource and
    CloudFoundry deploying applications to an external cloud.