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VMworld is traditionally the time of year where most VI Admins load up on new virtualization books. With vSphere being released months ago this years VMworld shop will probably be filled with new books. Jason Boche is one of the guys who normally goes home packed with new reading material. This year is different. Instead of taking piles of books home with him he will be bringing something. Not a book though but a calender; a vCalender to be more precise. Jason compiled a calendar with tips, best practices, configuration maximums and even historical events. It's a unique item which will be limited available at VMworld so be sure to get one before they run out of them. Of course they will be available after VMworld via the Printed Owl as mentioned below.

Source article: vCalendar Launch

Welcome! vCalendar is little something I have been working on in my
spare time during the spring and summer months of 2009.  I’ve had “Far
Side” and “Dilbert” Page-A-Day calendars on my desktop at work for the
past 15 years and towards the end of 2008 I thought a virtualization
calendar would be nice to have, however, I could find none in
existence. So I decided to make my own – and make it available to the
virtualization community. vCalendar is a collection of VMware
virtualization facts, tips, best practices, configuration maximums, and
historical events delivered to your desktop daily. vCalendar was
authored by virtualization virtuoso and Senior Systems Engineer Jason

  1. vCalendar is available for purchase online at The Printed Owl.
    Select your starting month and year – vCalendars are custom printed to
    your specification and shipped to your doorstep. Sorry, international
    shipping is not yet available but I’m working on options.
  2. vCalendar has already arrived in San Francisco and will be available in limited quantities at the VMworld 2009 store.
  3. A special limited edition vCalendar will be available from the Veeam booth at VMworld 2009.
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