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Healthcare IT sessions at VMworld

Healthcare industry participants: see the list below of all the healthcare-related sessions at VMworld. It’s a big conference with a plethora of rich technical content – and some of these sessions are not as easy to find as they should be. Search on the following titles or session ID numbers on the VMworld Schedule Builder for more information and to add these sessions to your schedule.

10:00 a.m.: DV2672 Cerner Millennium deployed in a VMware View environment
10:00 a.m. TA2646 Creative Solutions: How Florida Hospital virtualized AIX and Mastered SAN Replication for DR
6:00 p.m.: EA1820 Virtualizing Critical Healthcare Applications

10:00 a.m. DV1667 Norton Healthcare Desktop
11:30 a.m. DV1788 The 4 C's of Desktop Virtualization for Healthcare: Costs, Clients, Continuity, and Compliance
3:00 p.m. VM5420 Using Lab Manager in a Regulated Healthcare Environment

9:30 a.m.VM2648 Managing Compliance in Virtual Environments
11:30 a.m. DV2782 Application and Desktop Virtualization
1:30 p.m. EA3940 Cerner Millennium Scalability when deployed on VMware vSphere and Intel Nehalem

To keep up with VMware-related news for healthcare IT, follow VMwareHIT on Twitter, hosted by Frank Nydam and other members of the VMware healthcare team.

Here’s to a productive, fun VMworld conference for all –
VMware's Healthcare Team