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It was a good week again. Some awesome blog posts of which the following five were my favorites. It seems like it is getting harder to create a top 5 every week. I picked technical and non-technical articles this week. Enjoy,

  • Maish Saidel-Keesing – ESX 4.0 running a vSphere Lab – part 1 & 2
    I have a dedicated Blade server for this purpose, and IBM HS21 E542 CPU (Quad) with 2GB of RAM and 150GB HD. Now you might say – and rightfully so – what can you do with only 2gb of RAM?? Well nothing really – that is why I have upped the RAM on the server to 8GB so I can get some testing done.
    So since this is going to be a test bed for my full migration for the production system, I wanted to get it as close as possible to what my production system will be like.
  • Steve Chambers – Stabilizing vSphere
    Gene Kim said once that “virtualization amplifies bad practice”, and
    this has been seen commonly out there (just today I saw, on Twitter,
    that a customer changed their SRM password – no change process – and
    killed their DR environment). Virtual server sprawl, eggs in one
    basket: there are many examples why if you are bad at IT, you’re going
    to be really bad at virtualization.
  • Rodney Haywood – Attend VMworld 2009
    This morning on the VMTN podcast John Troyer stated it was time for some blogs post in the community on why go to VMworld. Hey, count me in. I do feel that I am qualified to comment here. I am a VMworld Alumni, having attended the last 3 years. For two years it was funded by my employer (thanks guys). One year, because I was in the period of transition between two employers, my wife paid, serious. Don’t forget, I live in Australia so it’ not an inexpensive exercise. I have lived through and succeeded in the task of negotiating with my wife as to why I should invest in taking an overseas trip just to attend VMworld.
  • Duncan Epping – VMFS/LUN size?
    A question that pops up on the VMTN Community once every day is what
    size VMFS datastore should I create? The answer always varies,  one
    says “500Gb” the other says “1TB”. Now the real answer should be, it
  • Scott Lowe – New User’s Guide to Configuring VMware ESX Networking via CLI
    A lot of the content on this site is oriented toward VMware ESX/ESXi
    users who have a pretty fair amount of experience. As I was working
    with some customers today, though, I realized that there really isn’t
    much content on this site for new users. That’s about to change. As the
    first in a series of posts, here’s some new user information on
    creating vSwitches and port groups in VMware ESX using the command-line
    interface (CLI).