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First vSphere 4 Exchange reference architecture is up!

I was just catching up on Google Reader and noticed this article below. Chad Sakac posted the first reference architecture for vSphere 4. The reference architecture includes MS Exchange 2007 clustered with the use of VMware Fault Tolerance. The hardware specs are included in the PDF with several diagrams of the setup. Thanks Chad for sharing,

Source: vSphere 4 Exchange Reference architecture is up!

The Solution Validation machine has been churning ever since we got RC1, and then hit full stride when the RTM bits arrived.
Mission Critical Apps on vSphere reference architectures are now starting to roll off the presses pretty fast (next up… Sharepoint, blended Exchange/SQL Server/Sharepoint at very large scale, Oracle 11g). I can see them all coming (I keep getting asked for review cycles!!!)

Highlight in here was that the 1000 user building block performed better in vSphere, and the FT feature was used on the Mailbox Server roles – it worked flawlessly under load.

There are detailed docs that go together with these, for example, here were the detailed FT findings….

Note we tested up to 4 building block units on the single ESX host – didn’t break a sweat. We observed zero outage in the Loadgen test. Direct comment from the wizard (Derrick Baxter) who was doing the tests: “Typical clustering solutions result in a period of downtime, no matter how small of downtime none until VMware vSphere 4.0 were zero, VMware Fault Tolerance has the ability to enable clustered Exchange of having zero downtime.”


Keep posted, I’ll link to them as quickly as I can.

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One thought on “First vSphere 4 Exchange reference architecture is up!

  1. Brian Mullins

    Congratulations on the launch of vSphere 4.0. Chad’s post, mentions that “Typical clustering solutions result in a period of downtime…none until VMware vSphere 4.0 were zero.” I just wanted to let you know that Marathon’s everRun solution, which has been in deployment for 12+ months, provides zero downtime. In fact, Dan Kusnetzky from ZDnet just published an article last week on his blog about The Sullivan Group, who said that they have had zero downtime using Marathon’s everRun, even during a major failure.
    Argo Global Capital has also spoken about how they have had zero downtime using Marathon. Just wanted to clarify this. Thanks

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