We've been doing this podcast thing for a year, so happy anniversary! Since this was podcast #48, and that doesn't count the podcasts we recorded at VMworld, that means we were here every single week except for one week at American Thanksgiving and two at Christmas, and I think we can all agree that a full year of weekly podcasts lies firmly between crazy and genius, leaning towards crazy. The only way we made this possible on our budget (zero) is to (1) use a free service; (2) have zero preparation and zero post-production (although I try to remember to run the audio files through a little volume leveling); but most importantly (3) get smarter people than myself on the line every week. That last one is the key. From the beginning I wanted to pull together a panel of smart VMware experts for commentary and get them to ask questions to a smart technical guest. That setup, now with an expanded live audience of a few dozen smart chatters and callers every week, has turned this thing into a winner. I want to thank the tireless roundtable panel for making time week after week to call in and my VMware colleagues who have learned to duck into an office when they see me wandering the halls looking for guests.

Stop by every Wednesday at noon Pacific time to join in the fun — see below for details on next week's podcast on vSphere performance.

This week we were lucky enough to have Chris Gebhardt and Vaughn Stewart from NetApp as our guests, and obviously storage was the topic — LUN sizing, dedupe, intelligent caching, VMware View, snapshots, SSDs, and more. As always, listen via the widget on the right, the mp3, or via iTunes.


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