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vSphere and VMware Consolidated Backup

During the VMTN Podcast a lot of people had questions about VMware Consolidated Backup for vSphere. As most of you know with vSphere comes a new version of VMware Consolidated Backup and a new product called VMware Data Recovery.

One of the questions was if VMware Data Recovery replaced VCB. As stated in the VMware Data Recovery FAQ, it will not replace VCB both products will co-exist. VMware Data Recovery is a separate product that is built on the VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection(VADP).

VADP is the next evolution of VCB. Unlike VCB, which requires customers to deploy the VCB component on a proxy, VADP will be integrated natively as a part of backup product. VADP will enable backup applications to restore across both LAN and SAN. Existing VCB partners are planning integrations using VADP.
However to ensure existing VCB customers can continue to backup VMs on vSphere on day zero we are releasing an update to VCB to also support backup of vSphere 4.0 VMs.

VADP will contain multiple enhancements compared to VCB:

Source: vStorage API product page

The vStorage APIs for Data Protection enable backup software to
protect system, application, and user data in your virtual machines in
a simple and scalable way.  These APIs enable backup software to:

  • Perform full, differential, and incremental image backup and restore of virtual machines. 
  • Perform file-level backup of virtual machines using supported Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Ensure
    data consistency by using Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS)
    for virtual machines running supported Microsoft Windows operating

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Duncan Epping

About Duncan Epping

Duncan is a Chief Technologist working in the Storage and Availability Business Unit at VMware, serving as a partner and truster adviser to EMEA customers. He is the co-author of several books, including the vSphere Clustering Deepdive series and Essential Virtual SAN. He is the owner and main author of virtualization blog yellow-bricks.com.

6 thoughts on “vSphere and VMware Consolidated Backup

  1. Iwan

    What are the specific enhancements (feature wise) relative to VCB?
    We are comparing with the latest VCB in VI3.

  2. Hussain Al Sayed

    Hope it’s a GUI 🙂 I Have suggested that in two vmware classes I have taken. And i hope this fulfilled

  3. Jeelani Munawar

    There is any video files we can better understand practically.

  4. Eren YENER

    File Level restore is experimental and I couldn’t any information how can I run file level restore process.
    According to vdr admin guide Data recovery attempts to backup each VM in a job once a day. This is very bad. I cannot schedule different times for backup schedule. We should be backup different times in a day

  5. Chris

    We tried vdr and found it somewhat acceptable for a lab environment.
    The question is why VMWare is trying to create programs that other companies already have.
    We were evaluating
    BackupExec #3
    vDCR – #1
    PHD – #2
    VM vdr – #4
    PHD (esxprss.com) was good but vDCR (www.ardeologic.com) had noticeably faster backups, real file level restore and much easier to use clean MMC GUI.

  6. David Green

    Good post from Archie Hendryx’s SANMAN on this:

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