Planet V12n is one of my favorite RSS feeds, but like most content aggregation feeds it is flooded. For those who do not have the time to keep up with Planet V12n I decided to do a weekly top 5 blog articles post. Of course Planet V12n contains more than 5 good articles each week but I would like people to take the time to read the articles. Here is this weeks list. I have added a short outtake below each link just to give you an idea what the article is about and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did.

  • Kevin Lawton – R&D: Accelerating VMs live migration by 4-10x and beyond
    The first is that memory which is recognized to exist on both source
    and destination of a migration, does not need to be transferred. It is
    simply copied from the existing memory contents on the destination (or
    referred to by a pointer). This eliminates both the networking transfer
    time associated with duplicate state, and the bandwidth it would have
  • Mike D. – The five defining characteristics of cloud computing
    Cloud is still changing. I think the industry is quickly converging on a good definition for what it is and what the required pieces are. It’s good to see another company out there with someone smart steering the ship that “gets” cloud. This will help out the industry as a whole a lot…
  • Greg A. Lato – vCenter Server as a Tier 1 App
    fill this gap and provide the monitoring and fail over needs of running
    vCenter Server as a teir 1 application, VMware recently released
    vCenter Server Heartbeat, which provides monitoring and automated fail
    over of both the vCenter Server and (optionally) the vCenter database…
  • Rich Brambley – Use RDMs for Practical Reasons and Not Performance Reasons
    There are definite pros and cons for using both VMFS and RDMs. This post suggests the 3 most common practical reasons (in my opinion) to use RDMs. That is, reasons that benefit VI administrators, leverage a VM’s native operating system, or take advantage of technologies and process designed for physical environments…
  • Chad Sakac – EMC’s VMware Storage Strategy – The 3rd Shoe Drops
    “Every App that can be a VM should be a VM should be (and will be!) a VM – we’re hammering this (because it’s true, and when understood it’s a key to datacenter transformation) – you can literally virtualize almost every x86 workload. Are there exceptions? Sure – but they aren’t worth arguing over…”