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You’re coming, right? They tell me that we’ve sent out over 2 million emails, so if you haven’t heard about our big event this Tuesday, April 21, either you’ve been at the beach, our invitation got stuck in your spam filter, or you’re not at inbox zero and just haven’t gotten around to opening it yet.

But it’s not too late. Just head on over to what we like to call the “event anticipation” page and sign up for the simulcast that you can enjoy from the comfort of your Internet connection. It’ll be live April 21 at 9am PDT (that’s California time: UTC-7 at the moment). Join VMware CEO Paul Maritz and some special guests for this special event.  From the event description:

Join us for an exclusive peek at how VMware is bringing cloud computing to businesses of all sizes.

VMware is once again leading the virtualization industry by bringing cloud computing to the datacenter. Transform your IT infrastructure into a private cloud—a collection of internal clouds federated on-demand to external clouds—delivering IT infrastructure as an easily accessible service.

On April 21, 2009, we'll be unveiling how VMware is taking IT to new heights of efficiency, choice and control through service-level automation—dramatically reducing capital and operating costs and maximizing IT efficiency—with the freedom to choose any application, OS, or hardware.

I’ll be there bright and early wearing my special shirt along with the rest of the VMwarians. Rick from will also be covering the show, along with a lot of technology journalists. They tell me it will be a good time.

See you on Tuesday!

ps if you haven’t figured out what we’re announcing, I really can’t help you at this point.