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Instant knowledge, free of charge

Chad Sakac(EMC), aka Virtual Geek, published some excellent articles over the last couple of weeks. Chad's articles have a common theme, storage + VMware. Don't think it's a marketing blog for EMC, there is in-depth information to be found in most articles. Especially the VMFS, MRU and "busy array port" articles below demonstrate Chad's expertise. Besides tips / tricks and instant knowledge Chad also provided us with a brand new version of the EMC Celerra Virtual Storage Appliance. Want to test VMware Site Recovery Manager or need a SAN emulator for demo purposes? Download the VSA, and do not forget to read the extensive how-to and of course all of the articles below.

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Duncan Epping

About Duncan Epping

Duncan is a Chief Technologist working in the Storage and Availability Business Unit at VMware, serving as a partner and truster adviser to EMEA customers. He is the co-author of several books, including the vSphere Clustering Deepdive series and Essential Virtual SAN. He is the owner and main author of virtualization blog yellow-bricks.com.

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  1. Wade Carter

    I’m new to this, I have installed esx server, and Vcenter, and created virtual servers, but, how do you install the os on a vm, then how do you connect to it to log in???!!!

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