We've been very busy here at VMware lately and missed out on a couple of outstanding blog articles. We will make it up to you by catching up this week. The first post, or actually I should say series of posts, that I wanted to point out to you is the "EMC Strategic Forum 2009" series by EMC's Chuck Hollis.

Chuck's coverage gives insight in the strategy of VMware and EMC, which of course revolves heavily around Cloud Computing. Do not expect technical details, we are talking strategic level here. As Mike D. pointed out in one of his latest writings there are only a few in this world that really get what Cloud Computing is about. This may be a rather bold statement I do however, agree
that the concept is still not (fully) understood by the majority of people, many of
which have a different view on what cloud computing is about even
within cloud providers or vendors.

This series of posts gives a clear overview of EMC's and VMware's strategy for the next couple of years. Further, it will also help with better understanding the concept of cloud computing, cloud as an architecture and as a service. The slides provided in these posts contain a clear overview and portrait the new stackable service level driven architecture we are heading towards.