I'm having some technical difficulties. In the meantime, for more news out of VMworld I highly advise checking out Planet V12n, where you can keep tabs on keynotes, individual sessions, and what looks like an amazing party. Also check out (caution, sound!) — right now it  has a nice video on vCenter Server Heartbeat, as well as access to both keynotes, and the headlines. A Google News search for VMworld is not a bad option for a mix of press coverage. SearchServerVirtualization's VMworld coverage is, as usual, excellent.

I hope to resume our regularly scheduled coverage tomorrow, although if you click those 4 links above, you'll really know everything there you need to know about VMworld Europe.

[Update: ok, I can't resist dropping in one thing. There are probably announcements and topics that will be more relevant to your daily life, but the first demos of our Mobile Virtualization Platform had the crowd buzzing. Also check out today's podcast where we talked a bit about it as well. More on the podcast later.]