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Tom Howarth lays out some tips for remote access to VMs with ESX and ESXi. I’d bet there’s a few things here you didn’t know about — for example, did you know you can use VMware Player as a remote console?

Remote consoles for windows and linux | PlanetVM.

From the responses on the VMTN thread asking for a linux vCenter version
it became very clear that there are a number of people who do not know
about some of the features hidden and already available in some of
VMware’s products. Now how can this be? I wrote a document “Web Access” about this several months ago, surely it must be common knowledge by now!

Ah.. You gave it a confusing name you say? I hear you shout,  Well..
OK.. that is true.  I suppose it didn’t help hiding this document under
the VMware Server 2 documents either.  But, and this is the major rub
of this post, the VMware Server 2 console works for most of the other
products like ESX/ESXi as well.

Lets walk you through this then. :D