Three more blogs recently launched (well, two, but I bet the third is new to you) from the good folks at VMW HQ. As we grow our portfolio of blogs, a good place to check in is Planet VMware, which is an aggregation of all our corporate blogging efforts. A lot of times, teams will use their blog as an way of getting out announcements and other information — things that aren't worth a press release, but might get lost in the shuffle otherwise. They aren't daily blogs by any means, but they're still worth keeping up on. So instead of checking in with each one, either load up your RSS reader or just go directly to Planet VMware for the latest.

ESXi Chronicles is, as you might expect, covering all things ESXi, both the free version as well as the embedded and installable commercial versions. Expect to see missives from product manager Amir Sharif (who is on Twitter: @amir_sharif), technical marketing polymath Charu Chaubal (don't be put off by the marketing in his title), and the rest of the ESXi team. Charu and Amir have a nice intro post: Welcome to ESXi Chronicles.

At the end of the day, a product is only as good as its
value to customers.  We’d love to see
your comments on these postings, plus any other suggestions you might have for
how to make ESXi even better.

To kick off this blog with a bang, we are extremely proud
that VMware ESXi has been named 2008 Product of the Year by TechTarget’s

According to TechTarget, “The awards were presented by the editorial staff, judged in conjunction with a
team of users, industry experts, analysts, and consultants. The awards were
granted based on innovation, value, performance, reliability and ease of use.”  As one judge put it, "VMware's free ESXi
leads the virtualization platform market by continuing to offer the most
functionality and highest value of all the hypervisors available today."  VMware's press release provides additional information.

And our Global Support Services team is now publishing two new blogs. VMware Knowledge Base Blog will give general news about the KB and what's going on with GSS. Rick Blythe (also known from his blog vmwarewolf) is heading up this effort. There's also a Twitter account: @VMwareKB. His latest post: Rating Knowledge Base Articles.

Something you may have noticed during your latest visit to the VMware Knowledge Base is a new rating system (see red arrow in screencap).

Rating Knowledge Base Articles

The Knowledge base Team wants to know your opinion of its articles in the
knowledge base. Five stars is a good rating, and one star is poor.
VMware considers a 4 or 5 rating as indicating the article is a
success.  Anything 3 or below is considered an article that requires work/improvements.

There’s also a Provide Feedback link. This opens a
new window giving you the opportunity to provide us even more feedback
on the knowledge base article

And finally, let me tell you about one of those secret resources that has been around for a while, but that you probably don't know about: the Weekly KB Digest. This is a categorized listing of all kb articles published over the last week. essential reading. Latest post: New articles published for week ending 2/8/2009