EMC’s Chad Sakac follows up his multi-vendor iSCSI mega-post with the view from 50,000 feet.

Virtual Geek: So… What’s the BIG picture stuff going on under the covers?.

Customers are telling me consistently that they are looking to
transform to a new datacenter and IT model.   They use different words
when describing it.   Here are some variants:

  • “I want to make IT a service back to the business – literally with an SLA model”
  • “I see technologies coming together to enable something… I don’t know what to call it except ‘global datacenter optimization'”

They know they need to do it for all those reasons, but no-one wants to undertake one of those “here’s a vision – now stay with me and one day you will benefit” efforts – particularly these days.

  • They need to save money at every step – constant capital expense saving.
  • They need to become faster, more flexible at every step – constant refinement in both operational expense and speed.
  • They need to use less power and become more green at every step
  • We’ve all been around the block enough to know it’s got to be open, built on standards (Scott Lowe was totally right on that here)