VMware Fusion

Come Visit VMware Fusion at Macworld

VMware: Team Fusion: Come Visit VMware Fusion at Macworld.

What We’ll Be Up To

be demoing VMware Fusion 2 on five demo stations, handing out “My Mac
Loves VMware” laptop and bumper stickers, and doing presentations in
our theater.

Even better, we’ll have some special guests in our theater.  Every day at 2PM, Joe Kissell from Take Control Publishing, will be presenting tips and tricks from his awesome book “Take Control of VMware Fusion 2”, the quintessential power user’s guide to VMware Fusion 2.

if you would like to come say hi, whether you’re a curious would-be
user, a current customer, press, partner, or so on, our booth is the
place to be.  We’ll have something for everyone.


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