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Site Recovery Manager 1.0 Update 1 released | The VMguy

Site Recovery Manager 1.0 Update 1 released | The VMguy.

The first update to Site Recovery Manager has been released.

Here’s the What’s new section from the release notes:

  • New Permission Required to Run a Recovery Plan
    SRM now distinguishes between permission to test a recovery plan and
    permission to run a recovery plan. After an SRM server is updated to
    this release, existing users of that server who had permission to run a
    recovery plan no longer have that permission. You must grant Run
    permission to these users after the update is complete. Until you do,
    no user can run a recovery plan. (Permission to test a recovery plan is
    unaffected by the update.)
  • Full Support for RDM devices
    SRM now provides full support for virtual machines that use raw disk
    mapping (RDM) devices. This enables support of several new
    configurations, including Microsoft Cluster Server. (Virtual machine
    templates cannot use RDM devices.)
  • Batch IP Property Customization
    This release of SRM includes a tool that allows you to specify IP
    properties (network settings) for any or all of the virtual machines in
    a recovery plan by editing a comma-separated-value (csv) file that the
    tool generates.
  • Limits Checking and Enforcement
    A single SRM server can support up to 500 protected virtual machines
    and 150 protection groups. This release of SRM prevents you from
    exceeding those limits when you create a new protection group. If a
    configuration created in an earlier release of SRM exceeds these
    limits, SRM displays a warning, but allows the configuration to operate.
  • Improved Support for Virtual Machines that Span Multiple Datastores.
    This release provides improved support for virtual machines whose disks reside on multiple datastores.
  • Single Action to Reconfigure Protection for Multiple Virtual Machines
    This release introduces a Configure All button that applies existing inventory mappings to all virtual machines that have a status of Not Configured.
  • Simplified Log Collection
    This release introduces new utilities that retrieve log and
    configuration files from the server and collect them in a compressed
    (zipped) folder on your desktop.
  • Improved Acceptance of Non-ASCII Characters
    non-ASCII characters are now allowed in many fields during installation and operation.

You can download the update here .


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