Searchable, database-driven hardware compability guide

We're pleased to announce the availability of a new database-driven system for our compatibility guides. From the page: "This online Hardware Compatibility Guide replaces the former Hardware
Compatibility Guides for systems, I/O devices, and SAN arrays for ESX
3.0 and greater versions, as well as VMware View Client. For
compatibility guides of other VMware products or earlier ESX releases
and VMware View Client, please use the Other Documents tab."

Try out the system for yourself at http://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/  There are also HCL RSS feeds available at http://vmware.simplefeed.net/subscription

Rodos has a nice walkthrough with this modified screenshot. Musings of Rodos: VMware release searchable HCL system. Note you can click on the entries to get a more detailed popup screen.


See also Jason Boche who would still like the pdfs (but you can export these searches as pdf), Dave Lawrence, and Sven Huisman, who would like a combined guide — we still provide a separate Guest Operating System Installation Guide