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VI admins sleep easier: HA in action

From Jason Boche yesterday morning on Twitter. Check out his new blog, now on Planet V12n.


"Lost power this morning to an ESX blade @ 9:44:15. VMware HA powers on downed VMs @ 9:45:17 after migrating them to a different host." -from Twitter


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  1. Hi,
    HA is great, but VMware FT is the next great thing. I believe it will improve all VMware users sleep as well :). I guess admins who need a better sleep will be all going the VMware route soon. A good video and description of VMware FT I came across was http://www.virtualizationteam.com/virtualization-vmware/vmware-esx-40-ft-fault-tolerant-sneak-peek.html
    Check out the VMware FT Video and start dreaming of your next year improved sleep.
    Virtualization Master

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