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            NEWSWEEEK: What is VMware
            s vision of cloud computing?
Paul Maritz:

You can divide the cloud today into two categories. One is the
enterprise cloud, and there is one, for want of a better phrase, that I
call the new-age cloud. The enterprise cloud is really about providing
the opportunity for existing IT customers to take their existing
workloads and have somebody else supply the underlying infrastructure …
The other type of cloud is what I call the new-age cloud. This is about
supporting fundamentally new applications. It’s not about the current
applications that are being used in the IT space. Ultimately the two
will come together.


            What are the biggest reasons for cloud computing to happen?
are going to want the flexibility to outsource the provisioning of
infrastructure to people who can be presumably more efficient at it
than they can be. The motivation is going to come really from having
other people provide the "plumbing"—power, the day-to-day management,
the reliability, uptime and so forth. Businesses will want to have the
option of moving their application loads into, and equally importantly
back out of, this outsourced infrastructure as they see fit.