Keep your VMware ESXi warranty: Don’t break the security shell

ESXi is not your father’s ESX. There is no Service Console, so trying to fit it into the exact same processes that you’re used to with ESX isn’t recommended. I know, I know, you have all those scripts you’re used to running in the console. VMware is building tools to manage and administer your ESXi from outside the box, and while they’re not quite feature complete, they’re well on their way. So don’t pop the hood; it’s welded shut for a reason.

Link: Keep your VMware ESXi warranty: Don’t break the security shell.

Working with VMware ESXi can be frustrating; you’re
not supposed to enable the Dropbear SSH client or use its technical
support mode without the assistance of a VMware support representative.
System administrators, however, may be tempted to use tech support mode
(or enable Dropbear) to fix problems or manage connections on the fly.
Cracking this security shell, however, can void the VMware ESXi
warranty and break support contracts. In this tip, I’ll explain
alternatives that allow you to manage your ESXi virtual machines
without compromising its security — and possibly breaking a support


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