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Green IT: how much are you saving?

Shannon Snowden went back and did a check on their power/hardware savings numbers from the virtualization work they are doing at New Age Technologies. "Green IT" as an overhyped topic of the day may come and go (I actually don’t think it won’t go too far away this decade), and you may even have plenty of room left in your data center (if so, congrats on your forward thinking and large capital budget), but the fact remains that the power savings are real, and that’s dollars left in your bank account.

Link: Green IT and Virtualization Real Numbers | Virtualization Information.

So, I decided to run some numbers on one of our largest server
virtualization projects this year and the results really are a great
reminder that what we are doing is important.

We have one client that we have virtualized about 1,000 servers this year alone. Using
VMware’s Green Calculator, check out the results.

  • Energy Savings: We saved over 6.6 million kWh of energy and cooling costs for the servers
  • Server Hardware: We saved over $5.2 million in hardware costs
  • Energy Costs: We saved over $660,000 in power costs

Update: if you’re interested in a greener data center, also check out this webcast: Lean and Green: A Simpler More Cost-Effective Datacenter on November 13.


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