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Calling all bloggers going to VMworld Europe 2009. We really appreciate folks blogging from our conferences.

  • It helps to spread news and announcements.
  • It gets a lot of technical detail up on the public web so Google can find it.
  • It helps people who aren’t on site feel more like they are there — and hopefully come next time! It really is a very good tech conference for both beginners and experienced virtualizers.
  • It helps others create successful strategies for navigating the event, and it gives feedback to the conference team.
  • It helps continue to cement this global community of virtualization enthusiasts and VMware experts we are building.

Check out the coverage of VMworld 2008 if you weren’t there, and you can see some past sessions on as well.

If you’re going to show up in Cannes on February 24, please drop me a line (jtroyer @ vmware). Although we’re going to reach out to folks we know in Europe, if you’re outside of Europe but planning on coming or if you don’t blog primarily in English, we might not know to ask, so please speak up.

I’m not making any promises, but last year the folks who were regularly blogging were treated very well by Richard, including custom shirts, a nice place with power and connectivity and refreshments to blog, press passes, and room to shoot video or do interviews. I highly recommend getting on Richard’s list.

And if you aren’t a current blogger, I don’t think we can get you a press pass, but it’s a fine time to start a blog. Remember you can always start a free one at or