Weekend reading: new blogs

New blogs for your weekend reading enjoyment. I should be adding some of these to Planet V12n in the near future.

New VMware ThinApp Blog from Travis Sales. Recent posts include:

VMware’s Erik Gray has a new blog, VCritical. His latest post: What would things be like without VMFS?

Jason Boche, who you may recognize as a VMware Communities moderator, has started a new blog at boche.net/blog. His latest post: ESX partitioning a lost art form in ESXi

ESX administrators evolve from varying backgrounds where they dealt
with a range of operating systems. Each administrator brings their best
ideas, experiences, and nightmares the he or she would probably like to
forget, to the table. With the ESX Service Console (Console Operating
System or COS for short) based on a version of Red Hat, Linux and Unix
administrators were natively the best equipped to carry on an
intelligent conversation of Linux partitioning “Do’s and Don’ts”.
However, ESX did add a few twists in how it used the COS and the file
system. Taking into account the native behavior of Red Hat in addition
to the ESX specific characteristics, partitioning best practices
evolved. While not every administrator will agree on the exact size a
given partition should be, a pattern in how ESX is properly partitioned
is fairly evident, plus or minus the partition size variance that fits
the personal taste of the administrator or perhaps company baseline
policies or standards. ESX partitioning strategy was an art form; maybe
something to brag about when getting your geek on in a circle of peers.

SeanClark.us, who was also one of the instigators of vmworldunderground. Recent posts:

Rodney Haywood’s Musings of Rodos. Rodney has been getting up early to be a regular on the podcasts, and he’s well worth reading about cloud and other topics. Recent posts:

It’s Just Another Layer from Ian Koenig. Recent posts:

2 VCPs and a Truck. I don’t know Jon Owings, but I love the blog name. (Around here, Jon, it’s One Big Man & One Big Truck.)  Recent posts:

VM Squad from Jeromy. Recent posts:

Leo’s Ramblings from Leo Raikhman. Some recent posts in the VMware category:

And I’ll leave you to wander off and go check out VMware Tips from Rick Scherer. Off to a very nice start


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