Rick Vanover at runs down the recently-released VMware Server 2.0. That will be our topic today on the podcast. Listen/chat live. Link: VMware Server 2.0: New look, new Web interface.

The 2.0 version also offers several functionality highlights:

  • New console tool. The console tool for VI Web Access is a
    browser applet that runs in a separate browser window across platforms.
    The console tool has some nice features, including re-direction
    capabilities for local media (such as CD-ROM) to the guest VM. The
    console display also has dynamic resolution resizing, including
    full-screen support. The figure below shows a guest VM in the new

  • USB 2.0 device support

  • Live disk addition You can add an additional hard drive to a VM on the fly.
  • New programming features The VMCI socket interface and VIX API allow for programming and scripting directly to VMware Server.
  • Increased hardware boundaries You can now assign up to 8 GB of memory to a VM. Enhanced 64-bit processing support is available.