VMware Infrastructure 3

vCenter Administrator Portal! (multi VC console) » Yellow Bricks

Technology preview of new vCenter Administrator Portal. Enjoy.

Link: vCenter Administrator Portal! (multi VC console) » Yellow Bricks.

I noticed a new section(including downloads) on
the VMTN forums. This section is about a single console multiple
vCenter servers. VMware vCenter Administrator Portal (VCAP) is a
web-based console that provides a central view into the VMware
Infrastructure environment across multiple vCenter Server
(VirtualCenter) instances. VCAP is delivered as a virtual appliance
based on Linux. If you’re not comfortable with a virtual appliance you
can also download the installable version. …

What can you expect at this moment:

  • Single sign-on to multiple vCenter Servers
  • Monitor events and alarms across multiple vCenter Servers
  • Search and track inventory across multiple vCenter Servers
  • Launch VI Client in context to manage vCenter Servers
  • Search for virtual machines across multiple vCenter Servers
  • Launch virtual machine consoles
  • Utilizes permissions setup in vCenter Servers
  • Unified view for: vCenter Servers, Datacenters, Clusters, Hosts, Virtual Machines
  • Access summary view of inventory objects, rolled up across vCenter Servers, for comparison and monitoring purposes


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