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Notes on VirtualCenter Update 3 from Eric Siebert

Link: VMware fixes VirtualCenter 2 bugs with VirtualCenter Update 3 – Virtualization Pro: A SearchVMware.com blog.

On Friday, VMware released the latest version of VirtualCenter, Update 3 (no update 3 for ESX yet). Unlike Update 2 (which contained some great new features), this version is mainly focused on fixing bugs. VMware administrators may be a little leery of installing this update after the time-bomb debacle that occurred several months ago with Update 2, but there are a few fixes (including many for HA) outlined below that make it worth installing. …

This one caused some issues with HA because of a network compliance
check that was introduced in Update 2. A new HA advanced setting has
been added to bypass this check. …

This one has caused a few people who upgraded to Update 2 some grief — thankfully VMware has quickly addressed it. In HA-DRS cluster, the enter maintenance mode task stalls and VMs do not migrate … In this release, the issue
has been resolved by allowing the evacuations if HA admission control
is disabled.

Thanks, Eric!


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