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Cisco Nexus 1000V virtual switch & VMworld – Communities Roundtable Podcast #18

We’re back in the saddle again. Last week we recorded a few podcasts in Vegas under the moniker VMworld Live. This week we were pleased to have as our guest VMware’s own Guy Brundson, who normally blogs at our VMware Networking Blog. Our main topic of discussion was the newly announced Cisco Nexus 1000V, the new virtual switch that will be coming to a future version of VMware Infrastructure and will allow your network team to control your virtual network just like they control your physical network.

We also recapped some of our VMworld experiences. Listen via the widget to the right or via mp3 (51:19 duration). The TalkShoe page has the feeds, etc.

Next week, same time, but I have no idea about our topic or guest. After a week in Vegas, that’s about as much living on the edge as I can deal with… (Suggestions for topics welcome.)


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  1. Great topic on the vSwitch changes. A few points:
    1. Networking guys will love this. They don’t like that when VMware comes into the data center that they are asked for a bunch of trunk ports and all they get to do is configure which vlans flow down them.
    2. The good thing with the new vSwitch is that you can get a lot of benefits with the VMware distributed switch or move up to the N1000v to get greater functionality (but lets see the cost). I think there is confusion that people think that the N1000v is what you get out of the box as opposed to the distributed vSwitch. The podcast separated the two but I think there is some confusion, John even asked a question about it. Guy made some good points on this, “don’t forget what we will be offering” was one of his comments I think.
    3. The model for how the distributed switches works is great. Cool that the network guys can now reboot their virtual switch and cause outages just like they used to! There were questions about how it all worked under the hood. There was a good session on this that broke down the bits, wait for the session recordings to appear on VMworld.
    In terms to how VMworld was, it was like drinking from a fire hose, so I am in the same camp as Edward.

  2. Hi folks, great podcast with lots of good information.
    Here are some more detailed answers and clarification from the Q&A:
    Yes, the Nexus 1000V will be supported in ESXi. The demo shown at VMWorld was running on it.
    Nexus 1000V does not require STP support, as the ESX host will always be an edge node.
    VTP is being considered, but nobody uses it today so we won’t be supporting it day 1.
    There are many features that are L3-4 aware including support for Access Control Lists (ACLs), QoS marking/queueing but forwarding is done only at L2. A more complete list of features can be found here:

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